Romy Modlin Photography | About
Like so many artists, I’ve been on a creative path since I was a kid. I drew, painted and photographed my way through adolescence and decided I wanted to become a famous artist.

When my beautiful son was born, something changed. I realized my love for artistic expression wasn’t as much about what I was creating as it was about capturing memories. I found myself totally focused on helping my clients isolate special moments in their lives, moments that would last a lifetime. Then my daughter was born and my direction as an artist became even more defined.

I specialize in on-location portrait and event photography because people are happiest and most relaxed in their own environment. I like natural expressions rather than anything posed. I love capturing the in-between moments that say “that’s so us”. When I photograph events, I search for the story, capturing the spontaneous and intimate moments as they unfold.

I’m a photographer, an artist and storyteller and there are few things more wonderful than working with my clients, who put their trust in me to capture those special moments in their lives.

This isn’t about getting your picture taken, but telling your unique story, the story of who you are. I’m just a phone call away and happy to talk to you at any time. Together, we can find new ways to turn your story into images you’ll cherish forever.